Anécdotas Culturales/Cultural Anecdotes

DSC_0098My job offer.

I was visiting my boyfriend  in Westchester County, and I needed to go into the city to renew my passport. I boarded the train early and arrived at Penn Station. From there I proceeded to the Mexican Consulate. I kept on walking for a few blocks when this strange lady came up to me and asked in a dissembling way: “Miss, are you looking for a job?” It seemed incredible to me that a job could so easily be had  here and I replied: “No, thanks, but I don’t need one right now now. Maybe in the summer.” My answer disconcerted her although the look she gave me confused me even more. I kept on walking and took the next train back to Westchester.

There, in company of my boyfriend and a few of his buddies, I recounted my adventure. They roared with laughter and one of them inquired: “Did you asked that woman what kind of job she was offering you? ?” “No, because I’m not interested in working at the moment.” “Well, that job was for a prostitute.” I became so angry that I could have returned  to the city right then and there to find that woman and demand how in the world she could have took me for a prostitute.

Now I laugh at my own ingenuousness.

12 thoughts on “Anécdotas Culturales/Cultural Anecdotes

  1. “Mi oferta de trabajo”

    Yo Tuve una oferta de trabajo mala una vez también. Estaba buscando en el periódico para un trabajo temporal y vi un anuncio de un vendedor de una empresa de distribución muy grande. Yo fui a una entrevista para el trabajo al día siguiente y el gerente me dijo que podía empezar a trabajar inmediatamente. La entrevista fue demasiado buena para ser verdad. Me fui con el mejor vendedor para que él pudiera enseñarme a hacer el trabajo. Conducimos en coche por cuarenta y cinco minutos a Rome, NY. El trabajo era vender de puerta en puerta juguetes baratos, libros para colorear, y relojes con calculadoras baratos. Fue muy humillante y vergonzoso y la paga era muy mala. Yo estaba muy enojado y me quedé en el coche todo el día.

  2. Situations like these are ones you are embarassed about in the moment, but can look back at 30 years later and laugh at it. I imagine your time in the City was quite an eventful one!

    • Siempre me encuentro con que a veces las historias más vergonzosa son siempre mucho más adelante. Tengo unos cuantos de esos mi autoestima. Me reí cuando leí este gracias por compartir!

  3. My gosh how rude…. That is really crazy that that sort of thing happens. Just anyone off the street and ask them if they would like to work as a prostitute. I wish you could of went back and questioned her or would have asked her when she asked what type of job it was.

  4. It is so strange that she was just asking random people off the street if they want a job as a prostitute. I wonder how exactly she approached you, and why she thinks she has the right to judge people like that. But it makes an interesting experience to share with people.

  5. Cuando leí esto, no pude dejar de reír. A pesar de que es tan horrible que te confundió con una prostituta, fue divertido. Pero, ¿cómo se atreve a preguntare eso ? Algunas personas son tan grosero.

  6. Haha that’s a great story but I think it’s better you didn’t ask! It’s amazing how things like prostitution are so subtly integrated into society as if it should be normal. For her to just ask a random person on the street must mean that this’s a pretty regular occurrence. It’s kind of sad to be honest but definitely a funny story in hindsight!

  7. Este es un muy interesante y sorprendente historia que contar. También fue muy grosero de que la señora que se le pregunta al azar personas en las calles para un trabajo como ese.

  8. No fue muy agradable de esa señora! Personas están locas! Es una historia que jamás olvidarás. Sin embargo, mi novio también es del Condado de Westchester por lo que he estado muy a menudo así! Es un hermoso lugar para estar con un montón de lugares para excursionar y caminar por el agua.

  9. At first when I was reading it I was thinking yes! there are always opportunities coming, and sometimes it may be unexpected. This shows you how even in today’s society people have the nerve to make such judgments and have no self respect. This is a great experience people need to know about because if it was someone who really needed a job they would’ve said yes and things would have went left. This world can be good sometimes, however you have to be aware of things.

  10. Es una locura que la señora sólo vino derecho hasta y ha preguntado. Nunca habría asumido que tampoco hablaba acerca de prostituta. La situación es graciosa seguro. Me pregunto si eso ocurre a menudo en la ciudad. No lo dudo, un montón de cosas locas siempre están sucediendo allí. Qué gracioso encuentro aunque.

  11. When i started reading this i was excited for you. But when i i heard that she wanted you to be a prostitute i was shocked. I cant believe someone would approach a women like that.

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