Anécdotas Culturales/Cultural Anecdotes

TV shot?T.V. Vaccine?

It was time for my annual check up. As soon as I got to the doctor’s office the nurse inquired whether I had already been given my “TB” test inoculation. In my tentative English, I replied that no, I had never had one. As it so happens, in Spanish a “b” and “v” are virtually the same sound. She proceeded to administer the shot and, perplexed, I wondered why anyone would need a shot to watch television. After I got home, I told my husband about my strange experience. He looked at me with a mixture of mirth and alarm: “Mila, that was a tuberculosis shot and you got vaccinated as a child! You can have a serious reaction! Call your doctor immediately and tell her to say the whole word from now on: TU-BER-CU-LOSIS!”

Luckily, I didn’t have any reaction, but I finally, was able to notice the difference between “b” as a boy and “v’ as vaccine.

7 thoughts on “Anécdotas Culturales/Cultural Anecdotes

  1. Es divertido! Pero con eso que dijo que me alegro de no ha tenido una reacción. He trabajado en la enfermería casi toda mi vida, así que tengo muchas historias. Pero creo que la lección oír es a lengua práctica. Es la única manera de ser fluente en otro idioma. Que es lo que enseña y gracias por este semestre! Me ha gustado contar con usted como un maestro 🙂

  2. Tengo exámenes anuales a mi médico. No me gusta que mi sangre. Siempre me siento enferma después. No me gusta el consultorio del médico.

  3. Oh my, that is scary. You are so silly. TV shot…. hahaha Imagine if we needed one though. This is quite an issue. Doctors and other official places should pronounce everything fully so that anyone foreign can understand. I’m glad you were okay though.

  4. Esto podría haber sido muy asustadizo. Simplemente va a demostrar que las personas extranjeras pueden tener un gran problema entendernos . Muy contento de que todo salió bien

  5. Que hubiera podido ser muy malo. Pero este es un ejemplo perfecto por qué las personas necesitan aprender un segundo idioma. las barreras del idioma nos como sociedad y si todos podemos aprender otra lengua puede ser útil para muchas cosas en la vida.

  6. Yikes! That could have been a bad situation! Luckily you made it out of it unharmed. It also really interests me to hear how people from other countries interpret our dialect and accents. I’m glad you figured it out so you don’t accidentally get the wrong shot again!

  7. Wow! that could’ve been really bad! Still very funny looking back on it I’m sure. It must be so hard to really learn the nuances of a new language and all the sounds that come with it. Must’ve been quite the culture shock for sure!

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