Recesión/ Recession


Por Beatriz Salcedo-Strumpf

Recesión: tiempo para reflexionar que en Haití los ninõs ingieren galletas de arena con azúcar; que la familia de un inmigrante no tiene que comer porque acaba de perder su trabajo; que muchas mascotas serán eutanizados si no vamos a su rescate; que en un lugar lejano, un terremoto acortó la vida de muchos humanos; y que unos piratas secuestrarón a su tripulación.

Recesión: tiempo para tomar una caminata y obsevar el vuelo del halcón, o el hambiento ciervo herido tratando de salvar su vida, o envidiar al hedónico felino, disfrutando de su siesta en una tarde cálida de primavera.

Recesión: tiempo para valorar   a nuestras familias y  amistades y pasar tiempo y charlar con ellas.

Recesión: tiempo para economizar el líquido vital, el oro negro y dejar de gastar la energía que nos alumbra en la oscuridad.

Recesión: tiempo para reinventarnos y explorar nuestros talentos escondidos y ponerlos en marcha y decirnos: “sobrevivieremos esta recesión como la han hecho nuestros antepasados.

Recesión: hora de respirar con profundidad y darle gracias a la vida por ser testigos del acontecer del mundo y del pan de cada día. 

Publicado en: The Post Standard


By Beatriz Salcedo-Strumpf

 Recession: time to reflect that in Haiti children eat cookies made of sand with sugar; that the immigrant’s family does not have food to eat because he has lost his job; that many pets will be euthanized if we don’t come to their rescue; that in a faraway place in the world an earthquake killed hundreds; that pirates captured an American ship and demand ransom.

 Recession: time to take a walk and observe the flight of a hawk or a hungry wounded deer trying to keep alive, or to envy a hedonist feline enjoying a nap on a warm spring day.

 Recession: time to value our families and friends and spend time with them.

Recession: time to economize the vital liquid, the black gold, and stop wasting the power that gives us light in the dark.

 Recession: time to reinvent ourselves and explore our hidden talents and put them to work and tell ourselves, we will survive this recession, as our ancestors did in the past.

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4 thoughts on “Recesión/ Recession

  1. Professor Beatriz-Strump,
    As I redd your poem it brings out what is most important and that is the time to slow down. So many times in life we need to concentrate on noticing the important things in life. Sure things are so easy to miss when you are in a matter of speaking fat and happy. You miss the simple things in life and the beauty of nature that is so abundant around us. You poem made think even though I am going to school full time how busy I am and how much I am missing but not taking time to enjoy the simple things.

  2. This poem was very moving. It is so difficult here in the United States not to get caught up in our over-materialized capitalistic society, where consumption is god and we must always have more. When you consider the fact that the average American knows nothing about international affairs and news, yet the majority of citizens of other nations always know what’s going on with the United States, it is quite perplexing. It shows how ignorant and oblivious we are as a nation, yet we are the focal point. All other countries turn to us, yet why do we so frequently falter? This poem helps demonstrate why we all should be thankful for what we have, because it may seem bad from our perspective, but when considering what others have to deal with every day, and those standards are GOOD for that specific situation, it really makes you think. It is time to accept globalization, and instead of focusing internally on problems, we should focus externally to help others. Spread the wealth, and create equality for all.

  3. Me gusta esta poema el mas de todas las poemas que escribiste. Esta poema da esperanza a las personas en America and del mundo. Me gusta la structura de esta poema y el mensaje. El mensaje de la poema es que el mundo es en tiempos economicas muy dificiles pero que nosotros necisitamos a creer que los mejoran.

  4. Me gusta que los demás países incluidos en este. Creo que tienes razón en lo que dices. Este es un tiempo para crecer y hacer lo que es importante para nosotros.

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