Amor Trunco/ Unfulfilled Love

                                               Amor Trunco

                                                                Por Beatriz Salcedo-Strumpf

 Ideas ancestrales te obligaron

 a amordazar nuestro pacto de amor

El amor verdadero

carece de fronteras y de límites.

Por qué matar esa pasión

que debía ser eterna entre los dos

Acribilar aquello que tanto amas

Y anular aquella esencia

Que se desbordó en tu ser.

 Escucha  tus instintos de tu corazón que

languidece por mi sonrisa  

Por qué enmudecer tu voz que desea

 que arde en lo más profundo de tu conciencia.

Suelta esa inmundicia ancestral.

 Vomita ese  veneno  que ha truncado

 la plenitud de nuestra pasión. 

Unfulfilled Love

                                                                By Beatriz Salcedo-Strumpf


Ancestral ideas made you muzzle our pact of love

True love doesn’t have limits or borders

Why to kill this passion that

Should have been eternal

Between you and me

 Riddle with wounds that which you love so dearly

And blot out the essence

That overflowed in your being.

Listen to the instincts of your heart that

Wilts for want of my smile.

Why to mute your voice that desires and burns,

In the deepest part of your conscience.

Let go of that ancestral impurity

Vomit out the poison that has cut off unfulfilled

The fullness of our passion.




11 thoughts on “Amor Trunco/ Unfulfilled Love

  1. I think this poem can speak to all of us, hoping and wishing for a relationship to continue when it appears to be dwindling in the mind of one’s significant other. This is a moving poem, I really enjoy the parts where you demonstrate the infinite possibilities of love and passion, and to give into one’s heart instead of relying solely on their mind; after-all love comes from within, not from rationalizing. You must FEEL love, not think it!

  2. Great poem! I can relate; being in a 6-year relationship, there have been times I have felt as if I want more yet his interest was fading, and even vise-versa. And I also like the part that talks about giving into ones heart- it makes me think of a lyric from a song by Death Cab for Cutie- it says “You shouldnt think what you’re feeling.”

    • Krystin:

      Me alegra que te haya gustado el poema y aunque es triste, es interesante que los humanos tenemos sentimientos universales, sobre todo cuando amamos a las personas.

  3. Este poema se conecta a muchas personas. Yo mismo he estado en una relación a largo plazo y tenemos nuestras altas y bajas, pero siguen estando en una relación amorosa.

  4. Este poema me hace pensar en “Romeo y Julieta”. Me gusta cuando las cosas se relacionan con el teatro! Incluso si no hizo, es bueno.

  5. I have always thought about relationships like Men wear blue glasses and Women wear pink glasses! lol Men want respect and women want love ! I think sometimes growing up girls are under the impression love should be prefect. I disagree I have been in a relationship for 7 years. I have found compromise and honestly has always been a key in my own relationship, as well as forgiveness! Sometimes finding that right person means “who you want by your side when things get tough”. Throughout life I think eventually we end up where we were suppose to be along along, takes some of us longer than others 🙂

  6. Creo que todo el mundo puede relacionarse con este poema de alguna manera u otra. Sé que puedo, y me gusta mucho este poema. Creo que deberías compartir algunas de sus poesías en clase!

  7. I think this poem speaks on more than just unrequited love. I feel that it also has a Romeo and Juliet sentiment to it as well. It tells of loss and of things that may never be, due to ancestral expectations.

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