Los felinos de Bettúbela/Bettubela’s felines

Hello, my name is Bobby.

Finally, my turn has arrived to tell you my fascinating life!  I’m the oldest and wisest of the litter. I was born very far away from here, in a luxurious penthouse in Manhattan. My former owner was the loyal friend of an old singer who was famous in Las Vegas for singing and dancing “the can-can” in the Fifties.

My father was “Nine-Lives Rodríguez”, a gangster devoted to cat-nip trafficking. He was the king of the underworld in New York City. The female cats were besotted with him. He fell in love with my mom at first sight, when he saw her stepping down from the limousine of her owner, the singer Mimi Ferguson.

My mommy was an arrogant Persian feline, well–coiffed and wearing a small rose heart-shaped diamond. Dad went crazy for her immediately, for her curled long eyelashes and her flirtatious walk. He lost his appetite and almost his head and didn’t give up until he discovered where my mom lived. All his comrades followed him in his search. From the chimneys and roofs, they looked and looked for her till they found her.

Dad was a gray alley cat, he lacked glamour, but what he lacked in pedigree he made up for in panache and self-confidence. He started his brave quest of seduction for my mom that soon bore fruit. Mom felt in love with him and had a litter of five.

Mimi, my mom’s owner, was very upset when she learned of her pregnancy, but she loved so much the princess Morgana that after scolding her she forgave her immediately and took her to the vet for her prenatal care. However, mom was isolated in her penthouse and couldn’t go strolling on the roofs under the full moonlight, nor could she see my dad anymore.

When I and my four brothers were born, I was separated for them as soon as my mom weaned me because I did not inherit her Persian blood. I was an ordinary gray cat like dad. Mimi Ferguson was a fancy lady and had no room for non-pedigree cats in her mansion.

So she put me in a basket and abandoned me in the hotel parking lot near Syracuse University, where I was found by Bettubela.

One day in the parking lot, I was curious and emerged from my refuge. All of the sudden, I saw hordes of people, cars, and bicycles, and I was so scared that I didn’t know where to run. In that instant, I heard a female voice calling me “Kitty, tonchi, michi.” Her voice gave me some confidence and I allowed her to carry me, but she didn’t allow me to return to my basket where I felt secure.

There was a fight between the two of us, and she won because I was just a little kitty. She brought me to her car and the roar of the car frightened me so much that I tried to escape.

We arrived at Bettu’s house and four Siamese cats greeted me with hissing and growling. All I wanted at that moment was to escape. I was so scared that I hid for hours in the basement while Bettu looked and looked for me.  Since hunger is so overwhelming, I came out of my refuge in order to satisfy my growling stomach. The food was delicious. Bettu was next to me and with her hugs and caresses made me feel much better.

It took me some time to get used to my new home. Moreover, those four Siamese cats made my life miserable. I started to mark my territory with my pee, as my species does.

I never imagined that this behavior would bring me a mortal enemy. Bettu’s husband became that enemy. Her husband said that if I didn’t fix my behavior, they would give me away to someone else, or put me to sleep. Every time he looked at me, it was as if the devil was gazing at me. His stare inspired so much fear that I only wanted to mark my territory more and more. Sometimes it’s hard to understand humans. Bettu tried to calm her husband, asking for his patience and assuring him that all this would change once the Siamese accepted me as part of the family.

Unfortunately, as I was trying to adapt, Bettu disappeared for eight days. She mentioned that he was going to Mexico. I didn’t have the slightest idea what or where that was. What I feared was that without her around, her husband was going to give me away, kill me, or cook me in the oven like a dessert. Or that the Siamese cats were going to throw me in sack and toss me down the stairs. For my protection, I hid in the attic until Bettu came back.

In the attic, I found an exit to the backyard, where I was able to hunt for birds. But it was hard because I was just a kitty. Later, I discovered that Dan, Bettu’s son, put out some food for me in case I came back.

The whole family thought I escaped or that I got lost. When Bettu returned from her trip the first thing that she did was look for me. Her husband said it was futile because I disappeared a long time ago. But Bettu didn’t give up and continued her search. Finally, she opened the attic door and I emerged, happy to hug her with my four legs and let her know that I was alive and well.

Everyone was so surprised that I “survived” without food for eight days. I whispered to Bettu my secret and showed her the hole in the attic to the backyard. Since that day, Bettu’s husband has taken a liking towards me and stopped with the scary gestures that made me pee and mark my territory.

The Siamese cats have gone to cat heaven. I now share my life with twelve new felines. They respect my territory even though they are noisy and pretentious and, very often, they disturb my long naps.

In the mornings, we all go to the backyard to chase squirrels and rabbits. I don’t go outside anymore because I once saw a coyote and he can eat me. Time doesn’t pass in vain. As you can see, I have led a happy life and I am aging peacefully in the company of Bettubela and my feline friends. Now Morito is dying to tell you his story, so here he is with his meows.

16 thoughts on “Los felinos de Bettúbela/Bettubela’s felines

  1. I had a gray cat when I little… she had 6 toes and her name was Alexandria.

    She was the first (animal) love of my life.

    I understand you love cats and I do too, but 13?!? My husband would kill me!

    • Alicia:

      Me alegra que hayas tenido una gatita. Ojalá vuelvas a tener otra.
      I’m glad you had a cat in your life. Animal give us so much pleasure and happiness in our lives.

  2. Bobby es muy guapo! Nunca tuve un gato o un perro cuando era niña porque soy alérgica. Pero en el futuro, voy a tener muchos perros porque me gustan mucho los animales. Bettú es muy buena persona porque les da refugio a los gatos de la calle.

  3. Bobby me recuerda mucho a mi gato y la forma en que recibí mi gato. Mi tía y mi mamá fueron a dar un paseo cuando tenía apenas 1 año de edad y en la caminata cerca de nuestra casa se encontraron con una caja llena de cuatro gatitos. Mi tía y mi madre los rescató inicialmente; tiene veinte años! Mi gato es muy independiente y cuando otros animales que se acercan a ella se pone nerviosa y se esconde porque tiene miedo de ellos. A mi gato le gusta cazar afuera como Bobby hizo cuando su dueño se había ido. Mi gato no tiene otros gatos para pelearse. A mi gata le encanta la atención que mi familia le da. Creo que Bobby y Sadie se llevarían bien porque son similares!

  4. Profesora Salcedo-Strumph,

    Me gusta el cuento. ¿Es verdad que usted tiene trece gatos? De niño, yo tenía una gata siamesa. El nombre de ella era Ginger. Ella vivió por veintidos años.

  5. Since your wrote your article in English I guess I will too. This was definitely the easiest to read since it wasn’t in Spanish! Interesting story about your cat. It is amazing how attached cats get to their owners and when you left for eight days she decided to hide in the attic the whole time you were gone. I can understand your husband getting mad about the cat peeing everywhere! At least she is finally house broke now!

  6. I can relate to the part of your story where Bobby says that he was rejected by the Siamese cats. My sister had gotten a bunch of chickens which were all the same kind. One day she found a different type of chicken in the middle of the road (on Long Island, which is just very unusual) and decided to take it in as one of her own. For whatever reason, she decided to name this chicken Maureen- Mo for short. When she put this chicken with the others, they teamed up on and tried to kill Mo, so she had to get her own cage. Sadly even animals are racist.

  7. My cat Roxy used to do the same thing. Even when she was little she would disappear if I was not around in the house. She refused to cuddle with my sister or even my mom. She only had eyes for me! Unfortunately Roxy joined your other wonderful cats in kitty heaven.

  8. Me gusta todos los gatos. Mi hermana tiene un gato y se llama Bailey. Bobby me recuerda de Bailey. Sin embargo, Bailey no le gusta ir fuera. Tienes algún perros o sólo gatos? Me gusta los gatos porque ellos matan los ratones y no me gusta los ratones! Soy feliz oír que Bobby no se escapó!

  9. I love the background stories of your cats! I’m glad Bobby was eventually accepted and loved by your family. He seems like he was quite a handful but what else would you except from the son of a notorious gangster and a diva? 😉

    -Michelle De Jesus

  10. Cute story that I can relate to. I used to have two rottweiler dogs and we used to kennel them in an “open” kennel (the owner let all of the dogs run freely in her huge yard and home). When we got back from our family vacation we discovered that our more dominant dog, Sadie, had been attacked at the kennel by 3 other dogs. The kennel owner had told us that she thinks because Sadie didnt want to play with the other dogs or eat with the other dogs, they might have felt inferior and attacked her. It is a different circumstance than Bobby’s story, but it still deals with the ideas that animals are predjudice in their own way and often times unopen to change.

  11. Usted tiene muchos gatos professara. Este es sólo uno de ellos y que es una locura que se meó en todas partes. Entiendo tu enojo maridos para esto. Me pregunto si usted todavía tiene este gato. Sé que resucue muchos felinos. Gracias por compartir.

  12. Bobby se pasado por muchas cosas en su vida. Su historia de sus padres era tan gracioso. Me gusta Bobby porque es aventurero.

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