By Beatriz Salcedo-Strumpf


Night descends upon my study…

My books fall silent.

My felines are faithful witnesses of my acts

Outside, the full moon, with tenuous light, bathes

My euphoric countenance.


Within, the aroma disperses throughout the room.

Warm and soothing.

Solitude does not frighten me, does not oppress me,

She has been companion to my fortune and misfortunes.


Night descends upon my study…


My being is full of fervor.

I reflect on what was my youth and childhood,

Which left indelible traces of my spirit,

Tormented and bellicose.


At my four decades and five years

The mortality of my existence overwhelms me,

But my soul, at the hour of the Angelus,

Scares the thought away.

Sleep overtakes me.

The dawn wakes me in my study.

                                        (Translated from the Spanish by Hanya Wozniak-Brayman)

6 thoughts on ““UPON MY STUDY”

  1. Optomokerem,

    I’m glad you are one of my English readers and thank you for be one of them. I’ll keep writing more this week.



  2. I thought your poem was phenomenal. All of your lines seemed succinct, yet they were all tied together so well… Well-done!

  3. I like this poem because it is honest about all the thoughts that came to your mind at that time. It doesn’t restrict anything and shows the strength from experiences.

  4. This is so good. I love how you can write in both english and spanish! It is just the thoughts you had in your head at the time, but still sounds professional.

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