Los felinos de Bettúbela/Bettubela’s felines


Hi I’m Rambo.

I was born in a litter of five kitties: two males and three females. My mom is Nova Naranjas and I inherited from her this beautiful golden and fluffy coat.

My dad’s name is Moro because he has the color of a Cuban dish called “Moros y Cristianos”. Bettu, my new mom, says that this meal is prepared with black beans and rice. I doubt that I would like this dish.

Bettu is very creative, naming us after such famous actors, writers, politicians, philosophers, etc.  For instance, my siblings and I arrived at her backyard when Barack Obama’s  presidential campaign was underway. For this reason, I have one sister named Hillary, another named Rudy and another named Fred. And my brother’s name is Johnny Mecano.

Initially, she named me Penelope, as the faithful wife of the hero Ulysses, who waited for many years weaving endlessly as many  aspiring suitors asked for her hand. Bettu thought that this name was perfect because I’m so gorgeous, but when she realized my masculinity she named Rambo. She said that this was the perfect name for my Herculean look.

My siblings and I were born in the country under a beautiful full moon, protected by the whisper of trees. A talkative squirrel was our godmother and a wise owl, Otto, entertained us with stories and warned us when we were in danger.

Whenever we were in danger, my mom picked us up by the neck and hid us in the hole of a big  thick tree. Here we hugged each other and waited quietly for my mom’s order to come out.

When we were two months old, our mom Naranjas took us for a walk to Bettu’s garden on a beautiful summer day.

We followed her in line like good soldiers. Bettu’s generosity and love for felines is a legend in the countryside.  My mom took us to her knowing that this was the best for her litter.

Mom informed us that it was time to be weaned since we began to grow teeth. She mentioned that it was time to start hunting and trying different foods. These were the reasons she brought us to Bettu.

When we arrived in her backyard, Bettu was lying in the sun, reading the newspaper. Suddenly, she noticed our arrival. Her reaction frightened us. She stood up and ran into her house, calling, “Kitties, kitties, here is some food for you.” We ran into the nearby bushes. When we saw that Mom wasn’t scared, we felt such relief.

When Bettu went back into the house, my siblings and I ran to the tasty food, eating voraciously. Bettu then came out with a strange device. Mom said that she was taking pictures of us.

That memorable summer, my family lived with  great happiness, meeting new friends, learning how to hunt and enjoying the delicious dishes from Bettu that always arrived punctually in our tummies.

One cold day, we saw something white and fluffy descend from the sky. We tried to play with it and  grasp it with our claws. But it disappeared very fast.

Bettu told us that from then on her home would be our new refuge. We didn’t argue with her and went inside.

As we entered  this warm and cozy place, three gray cats defended their property, hissing at us ferociously.

With time, we all managed to get along, though sometimes we scratched and fought for the narcotic herb that Bettu plants in her garden.

We still go into the backyard when the weather is nice. Bettu makes sure that we all come back safe and sound at dinnertime.

She says to watch out for a coyote that the neighbors once saw in the area. It might be true because my brother Fred never returned home one night. I’m not worried though, since I’m sure he is having a great time in cat heaven.

Mom and Dad didn’t want to join us in Bettu’s home. Bettú says that they are feral cats and always have lived in the forest. For this reason, they will never get used to living at Bettu’s. I don’t agree with Bettu. I am the son of feral cats and was born in the forest, yet I still enjoy Bettu’s pampering and caresses. She says she adores me because I’m her first orange feline, luminous like the sun; I agree with her. Now it’s Bobby’s turn, the monarch of the house.

27 thoughts on “Los felinos de Bettúbela/Bettubela’s felines

  1. The mentioning of coyote reminds me of when I got my hair cut during the summer. The women doing my hair said that she had heard reports from her husband about a coyote sighting. Nothing has come up since then, but we were worried because my mother does daycare, and the coyote could easily attack the children she looks after, but this never occured fortunetly. On a more positive and related note, my hair dresser found a cat in her driveway, and thought her husband would be angry about it. Surprisingly the husband has grown fond of the cat, and is thinking of taking in the cat if no one else takes it in, or claims it. Also, my sister Britney, who vistied my family over vacation, has two cats of her own that she adopted recently, she named them Mochi and Bacon. Interesting names to give one’s furry feline friends.

  2. When you said the cats possibly were “feral” it reminded me of a discovery episode I saw a few years back, there are actual cases of feral human beings (PEOPLE) !!!! I couldn’t believe it! There is a case of a female located in I believe Russia, or perhaps another satellite country, that lives with a pack of wild wolves! I found the story amazing.

    • Esta historieta fue bien chistosa. A mí no me gustan los gatos mucho, pero me encantan los animales. Es bien chistoso como el gato tiene una voz más humana. Eso sí me hizo reír. Bettú tiene que ser una buena persona porque yo no haría eso por la razón que nadie sabe lo que va a tener un animal de la calle. En conclusión esta historia fue interesante y mantuvo la atención porque me hizo reír.

  3. This post reminds me of my aunt. She also names the major of her pets based on famous/influencial people. I find it hilarious becuase when the cats and dogs are in the house she yells out their names as if the actual individuals are in the room. This shows the affection and connection that her and these animals have for each other.

    I like this exerpt!

  4. Such a pretty kitty! Growing up I had one just like it. We used to put doll clothes on it. I remember trying to give her a bath once and it didn’t end well. Haha We were to young to know that cats don’t like baths. It was my sisters cat and she got pretty upset at us for doing it. I don’t remember what happened to her, but she was gone after a few years and we switched to dogs. They were yellow and fluffy just like that kitty though.

  5. Me gusta cómo Rambo consiguió su nombre, una cosa muy divertida cuando se enteró que era varón. Me gusta cómo les da nombres de personajes en la literatura y política me parece muy interesante e inteligente. l
    La escena de su nacimiento es hermosa, y me sentí como si estuviera allí para verlo. Me gustó que la mamá fuera tan buena madre.,

    Me encanta cómo se describe la nieve, y descubrí que era un alivio que se vino a vivir a su casa. No me gusta cómo los gatos reaccionan entre sí, los perros se parecen como a otros perros y estos gatos siempre están peleando por el territorio. Me gustó cómo los gatos se llevan bien.

    Cuando Fred no volvió a casa estaba muy triste. Realmente no me gustó esa parte de la historia en absoluto. Me gustaría que los gatos mayores de esa edad vivieran en su casa, pero estoy seguro que se pelearían mucho. Me gustó Rambo y su historia mucho.

  6. Rambo suena como un gato adorable. Mi mamá tiene en realidad siempre ha querido un gato naranja, pero no hemos conseguido uno porque mi gato Sadie no hace bien con otros animales ya que ella ha sido el único en nuestra casa durante los últimos trece años. Creo que es muy lindo que el gato de la madre supo tomar los gatitos a la casa de Bettu tan vivirían una vida mejor. Su casi como el gato de la madre estaba dando a sus gatitos Bettu similar a cuando una madre da a su bebé recién nacido en adopción para que sus hijos podrían tener una vida major. Es muy valiente de los animales y los seres humanos para hacer tal cosa. Es una gran sensación saber que hay gente ahí fuera que harían cualquier cosa para asegurarse de que los animales que nos rodean tienen un hogar seguro y comida durante todo el tiempo disponible para que coman. Rambo parece al amor donde se encuentra ahora a pesar de que no está con su madre nunca más.

  7. Pienso que el nombre de Rambo dice muy de su historia. Parece haber dirigido una vida dura antes que viniera a usted. Estoy contento él decidido unirle en su hogar pensó aún que su madre y el padre pareció muy contra ello. Parece ser un mejor gato porque de ello. Pienso que Rambo sabe cuán afortunado es comparado a la vida salvaje que ha visto. Mi gato fue también un perdido que mi familia consiguió del refugio animal y lo tomó un poco tiempo de ajustar pero ahora juega fuera durante el día y viene a dormir dentro de noche.

  8. I can’t believe you have 13 cats. It sounds like chaos with all the different personalities in one house. I used to struggle with my cats all the time at home. I lived on 75 acres in the middle of the woods. Not only were there coyotes all over but bears as well. People even reported a mountain lion being seen in the area. I have had cats not come home. It was the worst time when I was a kid. Cats are the best animals.

  9. Estoy muy impresionado con su generosidad hacia los gatos que vienen a ti, es bueno que su gente como tú en el mundo que son tan amables. Mucha gente simplemente no se preocupan por los animales y que es horrible. Mi familia es dueña de dos gatos, dos fueron rescatados, somos dueños de un perro rescatado, y tenía un conejo que fue rescatado. Es triste la vida que algunos animales tienen que vivir. Rambo es un nombre excelente para que el gato. Es enorme! No puedo creer lo grande que es la cola.

  10. I’ve already looked through most of your blogs and I love the rich imagination behind these stories! I’m not a big animal person my self (mostly due to allergies and a deep rooted psychological fear of creatures), but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or their shenanigans! I love this origin story of Rambo and both his feline and human family, and I yearn to read more of your stories. You have a very kind heart, profesora!

    -Michelle De Jesus

  11. Very cool story. It was interesting reading it and finding more and more out of what was going on. Cool way you name cats, my mom names all her cats after plants or flowers. However that is one big cat.

  12. Profesora, Rambo es mi gato favorito! Me gusta su hermoso cabello rubio. También pensé que era gracioso que algunos de sus gatos tienen nombres de políticos famosos.

  13. Rambo es muy elegante y grande. Cuando yo era un nino, yo tenia un gato como Rambo. Su nombre era Tabby.

  14. Sus gatitos sonido maravilloso! Me alegro de que son felices viviendo con usted. Me gusta que este post es desde una nueva perspectiva y muestra cómo Rambo piensa. Suena como una familia feliz con todos estos gatos llevarse bien juntos y ser mimado

  15. Creo que es muy cool cuánto usted ama sus gatos. Usted parece tener un profundo amor por todos ellos. Me encantan los gatos a. Tengo un gato llamado Mico. Creo que Rambo es un nombre cool para un gato.

  16. This is very good. I like how you give a personality to your cats. This is a very interesting backstory into how you got one of your cats.

  17. finalmente es bueno ver una imagen de Rambo. En realidad se parece al gato de dibujos animados Garfield; como mencionaste en clase Es muy amable de su parte al tomar gatos callejeros. Tengo este vecino que alimenta gatos callejeros y ella es una persona muy agradable.

  18. The love you have for your cats are remarkable and commendable. It is great to see someone have so much compassion for animals. This lets me know that you have a big heart and are willing to share parts of yourself with others.

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